Saturday, July 16, 2011

Museum of Ojibwa Culture

Phil's sister is working at the Museum of Ojibwa Culture this summer. My little family ferried over today to check it out.

We treated ourselves to lunch at Clyde's drive in diner. It was busy and was worth the wait. Yummy! The kids meals come in sweet cars:

We even got chocolate malts!

We enjoyed The Museum of Ojibwa Culture for free! Sure, we are related to the AmeriCorps employee working today, however- it is free to the public!

Father Marquette is buried here- that is amazing!

It was difficult to divert her interest from the fountain. I'm just glad she didn't jump in!

I told Kaya to keep her feet on the ground, but she chose higher ground...

Lots to look at and learn:

One of the Jesuit artifacts:

Jade liked the trees inside:

Gorgeous porcupine quill basket:

Kids area:

The Huron Longhouse:

Inside the Longhouse:

The girls now own jewelry with bells (thank you Auntie!). Jade jingled all afternoon! I like this, a child cannot sneak away easily when they are wearing bells. :) Plus it is adorable watching them dance to jingle!

Location:St. Ignace

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