Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Fort, a Festival, and Fun

I took the girls to the fort on Wednesday. We stopped at the Missionary Bark Chapel on the way up.

Kaya wanted to buy the hat...

A freighter passed:

We didn't feed it any coins, but Kaya was content.

Waiting for the rifle demonstration- Jade was generous enough to give a forced, although still cute, smile:

I don't recall seeing as many as four soldiers at a demonstration before. My fort visits must tend to occur later in the season. Nice marching!

Rob is looking sharp in the soldier's uniform- the mutton chops are awesome! We both are haunted history tour guides by night.


And to balance out the potential gender stereotype we go from phones to rifles!

The blue screen/tv feature is impressive and Kaya kept returning:

A magic lantern:

Gotta love dress up!

Soldier uniforms to try on too:

No mistaking who this bed belongs to:

View upon exiting the front of the fort:

The original walls still stand! (Impressive since constructed in 1779):

We watched the Festival of the Horse Parade! My next blog will be all about enjoying the Festival of the Horse, but here is one of my favorites from Wednesday's parade:

After the parade we headed downtown for ice cream and to meet up with Phil's dad, who was on island for the sailing race:

We picked up the mail as long as we were downtown. Mailboxes aren't an option- only PO Boxes. I took some pictures while on historic Market Street:

The harbor was packed with anticipation for the next day's race:

We found Phil's dad! He is on the crew for the Sky Ship for the sailing race:

The Sky Ship is the sailboat on the left:

Hanging out downtown after some ice cream from Sander's:

Very cool Kaya!

On our way home we passed a bee enjoying a lily by Ryba's:

Location:Mackinac Island

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  1. Great pics of the island. My wife and I were married there ... if you check out my other blog, you should find it.