Thursday, July 14, 2011

Medbury Park

Six years ago today I was proposed to at Medbury Park; it is on the Montague side of the channel connecting White Lake and Lake Michigan.

It was our two and a half anniversary of dating and Phil was going to take me to the sunset. He was late, so we missed the sunset. Phil told me he wanted to be my husband more than anyone else's husband in the whole world. I said yes without the sun's involvement. :)

Over the weekend I visited my family in Whitehall, MI (Go Vikings!). When talk of heading to the beach came up, I requested we go to Medbury Park.
It was a gorgeous day to go!

Kaya loves the water:

Family time at the beach is hard to beat!

Kaya built a "toe wash"

A running jump off the pier:

Splash! (they reported the water was cold)

The dunes where I was proposed to six years ago:

Our neighbors built a sand game- brilliant!

Sailboats using the channel:

Introducing my niece to the water:

She isn't a fan yet...

If you are ever in the White Lake area of Michigan, see Medbury Park for yourself!

Location:Mackinac Island

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