Friday, July 1, 2011

Youth Gathering: Lots of Lutheran Love!

Mission Point's lawn looked like a carnival this week!

Mackinac Island was the site of a large gathering of Lutheran youth. Their visit was not all play- these kids did service projects all over the island.
Here youth work on the railings of St. Anne's Church...

and wash the windows of the island school...

and paint the porch of Mackinac Bible Church's building.

They served at other sites such as Great Turtle Park and St. Anne's Cemetery.
They had a miniature version of the Mackinac Bridge on the lawn also. 1 Timothy 2:5 spanned it.

It even lit up at night! Clever, yes?

A lot of them left yesterday and I got some shots of the mass "Exodus." I hear there were over one thousand participants!

It was refreshing to see so many teens willing to help and have fun! (And eat ice cream! Lakeside Marketplace had to restock their ice cream supply twice in one night!)

I am still working on my season bucket list. Any suggestions? I await ideas with my curly girlies!

Location:Mackinac Island

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