Monday, July 18, 2011

The USS LST 393

My friend had her wedding reception on the USS LST 393. LST stands for "Landing Ship Tank" and this ship served in WWII. In her prime, she delivered over 9,000 troops to the European front and precisely 3,248 vehicles; she also transported over 5,000 German prisoners. She was actively involved with the beaches of Normandy.
Today, the USS LST 393 is docked in Muskegon and is a veterans museum. She may not be air conditioned, but she is a cool spot for a reception!

What long legs my shadow has!

Yes, I tried to line the picture up so the sun appears to hang from the chain :)

This looks complicated:

My brother-in-law is in the coast guard, so he felt right at home on the ship!

There is a museum inside the ship which was transformed for the wedding reception.
Cutting the cake! Notice the old poster on the right stating,"Under the shadow of their wings, Our land shall dwell secure":

Here is the father-bride dance:

The ship's silhouette on the newlyweds' car:

Location:Muskegon, MI

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