Monday, July 4, 2011

Pre-Fourth Fun!

We begin our holiday weekend on the ferry.

The Lion's Club Whitefish dinner in Cedarville filled our tummies!

Afterward, the girls played on the playground:

We met a puppy named Lily!

Saturday ended with cooling off in Lake Huron.


Rocky bottom

Sunday afternoon we checked out the new Hessel Flea Market. I bought a tin advertisement picture and a fabulous rocking horse for under $20!

Phil's Dad added his ensign flags beneath, and it looks great!

The Les Cheneaux Islands have been called Paradise- I can understand why!


This almost looks like two photos spliced together:

There is something happy about boats...

We had a milkshake contest!

Chocolate Banana w/Thin Mint
By Phil's sister Em

Blue Cinnamon Banana
By Phil

By Me

Some judges:

Results were inconclusive, but I suspect Em's was the superior milkshake.

I kayaked for the first time. I obviously didn't get pictures, but I loved it!
We ended our Pre-Fourth festivities with S'mores and fireworks:

Mystery Picture: Can you tell what this is?

Location:Les Cheneaux Islands


  1. Your pictures are so lovely; a real blessing to the heart of this Michigan girl living in the desert southwest. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! I am thoroughly enjoying my new hobby... I live in such a gorgeous place. Glad to share a little Michigan (although desert living sounds like an adventure too)!