Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Season Bucket List

I have been pondering my "Season Bucket List" for this year. Since we are over half way through July, it is about time to commit!

Here are some left over from last year:

Kayak: I had never tried it until I kayaked in the Les Cheneaux Islands over this 4th of July weekend... And I liked it! There are kayak tours of the island through Mission Point's Activity Center. Kayaking from Mackinac Island would be a fun bonus!

Dance at the Grand Hotel: ...with my husband. At least twice. There is nightly ballroom dancing in the Terrace Room, and I would love to dress up and dance with my Phil.

Fort Holmes / Fireworks: St. Ignace does fireworks every Saturday night at dusk until Labor Day. It would be cool to watch them from Fort Holmes, the highest point on Mackinac Island.

Tandem bike: I have observed countless duos attempting the tandem bike. Some are great and some are more challenged. Living on Mackinac Island, I feel like I should have experienced the tandem bicycle. I hear it is an exercise in communication.

Some new ones:

Hall of Mirrors: This seems like it would be fun with my little girls. We were in Caddywampus last week and checked out their fun mirrors. Kaya loved it, but Jade saw her imperfect reflection and said, "Oh, no!" I bet their reaction to the new mirror place will be fun!

Castle Rock: I have passed Castle Rock a bazillion times in St. Ignace, and one of these times I need to tackle those stairs and earn the great view!

Fort Mackinac: You've got to go at least once a season! I don't intend to skip it this year!

Fort Michilimackinac: I have never been there. I have a ferry pass and lots of precious summer days with my girls- why not hop across and check it out?

Attend a Jamacain service at St. Anne's: Every Wednesday night, St. Anne's holds a Jamacain worship service at 10:00pm. All are welcome. I would love to experience that service- I love God, and I know so many wonderful Jamaicans; the combination could only be awesome!

Eat at Chianti: Chianti is Mission Point's new Italian restaurant. I have heard it is excellent and am feeling left out. I want to get a taste (and a photo) of their flaming creme brule!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Fireworks at Ft. Holmes are great...just bring a lantern w/ you...and lots of bug spray, LOL!
    I found that tandem biking w/ my 10 year old was quite easy...probably because he just "let go" and trusted me...riding w/ my sister...NOT SO MUCH, LOL! Ft. Michilimackinac...even more to do/see than Ft. Mackinac! Though I find both equally entertaining. Let us know how worship w/ our Jamaican brothers/sisters is! How awesome that would be to experience! Never made it to Chianti...not much of an Italian food lover...was rather bummed they took out Epicurean when they did. Seems every time we're back they've changed something! ;)

  2. Makes me want to live on Mackinac Island!

  3. Thanks for all the tips, Melody! I should buy bug spray. I will have my hubby lead on tandem. And I will let you all know how things turn out!