Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Summer Run & A Snake

I went on a summer run yesterday. I woke up sore this morning. Ah, the joys of causality!

Before the run we had scrumptious cornmeal porridge for breakfast. I never had it before this summer, and now I adore it. Both girls love it, so that increases my fondness for cornmeal porridge!

My summer run consisted of two parts. First, I pushed the girls up to the sitter's using our double jogging stroller- mostly uphill. Needless to say, my pace was not speedy! BOTH of my daughters encouraged me to run faster, saying, "ready, set... go!" Frankly, that isn't very encouraging when you are already going- they crack me up! Cupid's Pathway is a gorgeous run!

I dropped my curly girlies off to the babysitter's, and part two of the run commenced! The woods were blanketed with wildflowers.

The view from the east bluff is my favorite!

Even though it's less than 2 miles, I was almost 10 minutes faster on the run home. Downhill helps... So does having my arms free! It actually felt weird to run without my daughters and the stroller. I guess I'm used to hiding behind it, I felt sort of exposed.

Eastern Milk Snake!
After my run, I discovered a snake in the grass in front of our building.
This is the pattern on most of the body:

This is the striped pattern on the tail:

I couldn't get a picture of the snake from head to tail. So I eyed it up with my feet- this snake is pushing three feet long! It is rather thin for its length, one of the characteristics that helped me identify its species. I love the internet! Apparently, eastern milk snakes are rarely found north of the Lower Peninsula. It was pretty cool!

The eastern milk snake does not move quickly- thus a lot of pictures were possible. This is the closest I got to a full picture.

After much needed catch-up on the home front, I walked to fetch my daughters. Walking takes longer, but here are some pictures!

I reunite with my precious girls!

I am still working on my season bucket list, and running the race in October is going to be on it! Any other ideas? Thanks!

Location:Main St,Mackinac Island,United States

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  1. Oh dear...I didn't like the pictures of the snake at all!!! How did snakes get on the island? I didn't think there were any.