Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Snow Came Fourth

It is April 4th. Before noon today, it began to snow. And not the light "it's technically snowing because there is a little frozen precipitation" kind. It was seriously snowing. Big flakes. The much-melted world became white once more.

I took Ginger for a walk and made it to Dwightwood Spring. She sniffed a fire hydrant on the way (the stereotype seems to ring true):

The 4:00pm ferry from St. Ignace was making its way around the island. If you look close, you can spot it:

A stick!

Wagon = less than brilliant idea today:

I eventually left the wagon behind:

The forest side of the island is lovely too:


Dwightwood Spring is a memorial to Dwight Wood, who died saving his brother August 12, 1905:

It is a natural freshwater spring (so not deemed safe for drinking):

My oldest daughter loves Dwightwood Spring! She is in Chicago with her grandparents for spring break. (She was in awe of the tall buildings in Grand Rapids- Chicago must blow her little mind!) We will be reunited tomorrow night!

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