Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Playing at Marquette Park

It's the middle of April and the ice on the shoreline is finally melting away!

Blue skies!

My kindergartener wanted to play at Marquette Park today. We haven't been there for months. It was cold, but the girls had fun!

She cracks me up sometimes!

This was big sister 's idea. She had an idea for a good picture and little sister was happy to follow her instructions!

A freighter passes as the last ferry of the day was loading (I could actually hear the beep of the scanner!)

Not long after, this interesting boat passed too:

Beneath the fort:

View from the Father Marquette Memorial:

View of the statue of Father Marquette:

The girls have as much fun circling the statue as they do on the playground:

Seriously, these two are so much fun! (I also earn my sleep!)

Buds with the art museum in the background! I'm ready to experience spring!

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  1. My kids are experience cabin fever as well here in Wisconsin. Fortunately, they seem immune to cold and are willing to go outside bundled up (as long as it isn't raining). We cannot wait until July when we can visit the Fort and see Father Marquette! Hopefully it will have warmed up by then, lol.