Monday, April 8, 2013

Shorter Ferrying, Slower Biking

The ferry pulled into the dock at about 8:15 this morning... This meant one wonderful thing: it went through the Round Island Passage instead of the long way around the island! (Finally!) Who'd have thought I'd look forward to a 45 minute boat ride?

Before spring break, there were snowmobiles. Today, the school had well-occupied bike racks! It's spring!

The ice has finally diminished enough for The Huron to boat through:

The sun was out this morning! Here is a view from Windermere Point:

The roads are clear enough for my kindergartener to bike. She still has training wheels, so biking to school is good practice. It is sloooooow going though. Thank goodness we only live 1.25 miles from the school!

I love this girl!

Visual evidence that Arnold Line arrived the traditional route today!

Heading home on our bikes as it sprinkled... The raindrops were so loud on our winter coats, she was convinced it was hail!

Downtown looks different in April:

She only fell once! (Mackinac Island mud can be especially yucky, though!)

Between her training wheels, smaller bike, and frequent "rests" it took about twice as long to have her bike than it takes to pull her in our burley cart. But she needs the practice- especially before it gets busy downtown! We all had hot cider when we got home :)

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