Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Ferry Passes Ice

I was not shocked to see a little ice on Lake Huron. It was cold enough to snow the last couple of days, so I figured some would hang around.

I expected this to be the worst:

But nope! ...There is so much more ice

I'm pretty sure the boat went through more ice today than it did when we left at the beginning of the weekend:

Does this look like April 7th?

Mackinac Island's harbor looks much better:

The Round Island Lighthouse remains flanked with ice:

And there is the Mackinac Bridge in the distance (which I hear has a lot of ice near it still).

The roads weren't bad and we were able to bike home easily. So that's a happy thing!

I hope next weekend we can ferry through the Round Island passage! The weather currently predicts snow Wednesday-Thursday though. Come on Spring! Winter needs a break! We are routing for spring at this point!

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  1. We here in Wisconsin are waiting on spring as well.....but they are also predicting snow for us towards the end of the week.

    Glad to see the ferries are still running through the ice. Only 3 more months, and I will be visiting the wonderful Island!