Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sisters Reunited

My oldest daughter returned from her trip to Chicago and my girls have been reunited! The world is as it should be:

There is still snow though... We got more snow yesterday.

Here's a swan on the water:

And here's a pretty sunset from Friday night (last night was all snowy-blowy):

My daughter has lots of Chicago adventures to share, and it is loads of fun hearing her tell them! One place they went was Ed Debevic's, where the waiters are rude and sing and dance on the tables.

They were right in front of her. The guy on the left pretended to toot in her face. (She laughs about that still)

These pictures are courtesy of my sister who lives in Chicago. They had fun at Ed Debevic's!

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  1. So sweet to see the two sisters together! It is fun to grow up with your best friend.