Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sisters Enjoying April

April 9th, 2013 began with a hazy sort of morning:

The tulips continue to grow upward:

I encouraged my girls to play on the playground after school today. They were happy to. They both wanted to push each other (my sister and I would have had the opposite quarrel growing up). So I let them push me. Then they worked together!


There can't be many places you can swing to this view!

There is still chunky ice along Mackinac Island's shoreline:

We need to fix those training wheels- they slow her down. Little sister wanted to help.

So I let her "help" for a while:

My daughter didn't want to bike anymore until this team of horses pulling a dray started to pass. Then she tried to keep pace alongside the horses. This mommy worried too much to enjoy that! (She got altogether too close at times, so I hollered for her to let them go in front)

It's April! Tomorrow the island has parent teacher conferences, so both girls will be in school at the same time- which only happens on half days! I will probably watch a movie and do laundry :)

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