Saturday, April 27, 2013

A busy week!

Last weekend was the 40th annual Women Today Retreat.
Our mini sessions enacting the Book of Ruth went well. We've been working on it for months, and it was good to finally do it!

This is fun- look where everyone had come from! There were hundreds of women.

The day after the conference, we celebrated my firstborn's birthday! It was a Justice League / Jellyfish party (bet that's the only time I'll experience that combo!)
The birthday girl!

Phil found decorate-able masks:

Little sister enjoyed it:

So did her cousin:

While we were at the conference, the girls made jellyfish decorations:

Grandma made the jellyfish cake!

Daddy found the marshmallow "tentacles":

We looked ALL over for Justice League toys. Wonder Woman is her favorite. Phil finally found an adult snuggie-type blanket featuring the heroine:

All I found was a Superman sticker book that included Wonder Woman a little.

There is so little available for girls who like superheroes. Disappointing. You know, if a boy liked Barbies, he could find a Ken doll. We noticed the gender disparity while Christmas shopping. She is also a Power Ranger fan- stores carried masks for the boys, but none of the girls! Grrrr!

She was looking forward to receiving a birthday crown at school on her birthday- here it is! Little things make such a big difference- thank you, thoughtful teachers!

This week, we tested her bubble gun (batteries not included!) It was super cool!

We got snow on multiple occasions. This is the last full week of April. Brrrr! These are shots of snowy bikes at the school in the morning:

Downtown is getting busier. Signs and awnings are going up:

There was an earth day concert at the school. The kindergarten and first graders did great- it was cute! (My girl is on the left with the pink headband):

It was a full week! I'm tired!

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