Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Festival 2012: Cardboard Sleds

One of my absolute favorite parts of winter on Mackinac Island is Winter Festival! It started yesterday at Turtle Park. This year, we had two entries in the cardboard sled race- and both girls knew what they wanted.

A boat (but not a sailboat):

A carriage:

There were lots of entries this year!


"Giddyup Fish!"

The purple car won "Most Colorful Sled":

One of my favorites! This won a prize for best construction (it held up well sledding!)

Winner of "Most Decorated Sled"

They made it downhill (for the most part):

Our toddler's cardboard boat won a prize:

Beautiful blue skies!

Waiting for the egg hunt on the playground:

My girls, waiting:

And they're off! I love the energy- can you see the forward momentum?

We had chili and hot dogs for lunch:

We forgot our actual sled. My youngest tried to sled without one:

Big sister borrowed a sled,

She enjoyed spills (the pink flying off the green saucer):

Look at the awesome vintage Evinrude snowmobile!

Passing a Carriage Tour barn:

A new building is going up!

There is a very tiny reflection of our sled in that mirror:

We hadn't snowmobiled this way yet this winter:

Phil has both girls- our youngest sits in front, facing him, and our four year old sits behind him. I knelt in the sled to keep the cardboard sleds from flying out. It would have been a more comfortable ride with more snow on the ground. The sound of plastic on bare road is not my favorite!

Some very bare roads:


Looking back:

I took some pictures of trees during the ride; this was the most interesting tree shot:

I love this picture!

Both cardboard sleds (and yours truly) got sprayed. The roads were wet- and it's not just water on Mackinac Island roads, if you know where I'm going with that. Last year's cardboard sled came inside with us afterward- this year's sleds did not reenter our home. (But the stick horse is fine!)

Today, there was a Winter Festival brunch and carnival at the school. We were heading over and fortunately passed another family who informed us the kids games were done early. So... we turned back and did our own family carnival after dinner!
Face painting:

Daddy made her Super!

Balancing relays:


A variation on musical chairs (to the tune of Hamsterdance!)

Anyone else watch Bozo growing up?

Coins for prizes! Little sister gravitated toward shiny pennies while big sister went for quarters. I love the difference between the worlds of a 2 year old and 4 year old!

We ended the night with Neapolitan ice cream :)

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Yes! The Grand Prize Game! I grew up in Chicago, watched the Bozo show everyday. Walked home for lunch, ate, watched Bozo and then back to school. I even danced with Bozo! My kindergarten class was on the show.

    Loving all your pictures!

    1. Awesome! I watched Bozo on Saturday mornings. My cousins went once and one got picked to play the Grand Prize Game- it was so cool to see her on tv! Dancing with Bozo = fantastic memory!
      Glad you're enjoying the pictures!

  2. I love that your youngest sled was out of a spartan egg box!! My husband works at a Spartan Store in Bryon Center!!! We see those boxes all the time!!!
    I also grew up on bucket bonanza...I would practice at home just in case I was ever on Bozo! Great pics, always enjoy living vicariously through you!

    1. The box came to our possession through groceries. When we buy groceries on the mainland, they are kind enough to box it for islanders. Most people own plastic tubs for groceries, and we do too, but we don't always remember to bring them off island with us!
      It would have been amazing to have been on Bozo as a kid. I absolutely practiced too!
      Thank you, Megan!