Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Light February Biking

The roads are clear enough for biking. So I did! (It's obviously more efficient than walking!) There is not much snow downtown, but there are a few snowmobiles in use anyhow.

Biking past Marquette Park- there's a decent path that's been cleared from town to Mission Point, so I was able to take pictures.

Hello, everyone! (This is what I look like...)

Too bright! The sun was out today!

I took this picture on accident...

Mission Point Resort with little snow left:

The shadows of my back tire and burley cart:

Biking past snowmobile tracks:

My front wheel:

I made it to the school and back without any trouble. While home, I did dishes and our dishwasher is being finicky. Anyone else dealt with the random detergent-staying-in-the-compartment syndrome? This has nothing whatsoever to do with living on Mackinac Island, but I bet I'm not a lone mommy in this instance! (I love having a dishwasher!)

This snowmobile looks ready to discard Christmas greenery:

Clear road, lovely sky!

The Mackinac Bridge in the distance (on my way back to the school):

A very similar shot taken about 15 minutes later- crazy how quickly the sky changes!

It was nice to bike again!


  1. LOL, yeah...this mommy had that same problem with dishsoap not dissolving in the dishwasher. It's usually those little packets. I ended up switching back to liquid and no problems since! :)
    Hubby and I have our annual Memorial Day trip to the island planned! And our family trip for July as well! Can't wait!
    It's still a dry and mild winter here in Zeeland too. Hope you have a great week!
    Melody :)

    1. Hi Melody!
      Oddly, I switched from gel because it was getting stuck in the compartment and leaving streaks. Maybe I should try a lemon acid clean or something... although I doubt anything like that is available on the island. Dishwasher worked well this morning though!
      Woo hoo for Mackinac Island trips! It is awesome that you're visiting twice! (I will probably work a few nights a week for Haunts of Mackinac again- it would be fun to have you on my tour!)
      It's been so much faster to bike, so I don't mind the mild winter at the moment. Although I really miss the ferries! Hope you have a great week too! :)