Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tire fixed!

Our burley's tire has required air daily for the past month. I used the bike pump this morning and dropped my daughter off at preschool.

Then I called Jim from Mackinac Wheels (which is closed for the winter) and he was able to fix it! WooHoo!
These pictures were taken while biking to Mackinac Wheels to drop it off.

I love the sunlight!

Of course, my toddler initially had no interest in walking from there. So we utilized the piggyback ride. Eventually, she wanted to walk (in a thoroughly pokey manner), and I had plenty of time to take pictures. The birds were noisy!

Lots of little bird prints!

This stick traveled almost all the way home!

The clouds were moving along and lovely!

I pulled out the double stroller while the tire was getting fixed so I could fetch my preschooler.

I pass these views four times a day, four days a week (so these may be familiar shots on my blog):

I was able to retrieve my bike with its fixed burley tire on the way home. My oldest did not really want to help, but it was difficult to walk my bike (with my youngest in the burley) and the double stroller simultaneously. I'm sure I looked pretty ridiculous while I attempted to manage both. She helped anyhow, thank goodness! (It's hard to steer though!)

Ferries run tomorrow! It seems everyone was smiling a little bigger today- ferries are another level of freedom!

Location:Mackinac Island

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