Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Last Sunday at Mackinac Bible Church

Our home church is in Cedarville, but we've been attending Mackinac Island Bible Church while the ferries aren't running. In the summer, they meet in Mission Point's Theater. It's a whole different world here in winter, though, and the church meets in the living room of Pastor Ken's home. It reminds me of the early church of Acts 2, meeting in a home (only there's a couch, folding chairs, dining room chairs, coffee, worship music from an iPod...) It's special!
This is on our way home after church- we biked there, but the roads got pretty icy. (Don't worry, we never do this while biking!)

And this is why the Island rejoices:

There was never an ice bridge this year, but at least the ferries are running about a month earlier than last winter!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Our church is 30 minutes away. I don't think I'm going to complain about it anymore, since we don't have to take a ferry to get there... I love your comment about the Acts 2 church. Ours started with 13 people in one of our current elders' basement, and now we own a building 8 years later. We still meet in small groups, though, and it makes such a difference to have that close knit group to bond with. Cheers!

    1. It's hard to be as involved with a church living far away. We teach Sunday School, but can't attend anything during the week. Last winter, our family actually flew off every weekend to go to church and teach Sunday School. That was too hard to maintain financially, especially since our oldest daughter is four this winter (3 & under fly for no additional charge). The Mackinac Island Bible Church has a Women's Bible Study on Wednesdays, so even though we are returning to our church in Cedarville on Sundays I can still be a part of this community! We stay with my in-laws on the weekends so we can make it to church, and we've missed them! The girls can't wait!