Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Village Inn

At 10:00am, it was 32 degrees and snowing- I hoped to snowmobile to school. Looking out the window at 11:00am, the snow was not staying on the road (it was up to 33 degrees). The burley had a flat tire, so I pulled out the stroller and walked.

My youngest made it past St. Anne's Church on foot!

The Mission House is getting new siding!

George and his team are about to pick someone up:

And she wanted to walk after we dropped her big sister at preschool.


But there was open water here yesterday?!

Here's essentially the same shot, as it looked yesterday:

It is amazing what can happen in less than 24 hours:

We turned up Market Street. Daddy was at the Post Office. We decided to meet and eat lunch in town!

She spots Daddy!!!

So excited!


Too cute!

We hadn't eaten at the Village Inn since the Grand took it over. So we did!

The food was took a bit, but they provided crayons and Wikki Stix (which are awesome, by the way).

The Wikki Stix wrapper:


The restaurant has had some work done. The booths each have their own TV... Nifty! (The new wallpaper is a little distracting, though!)

French onion soup:


Our toddler ordered Macaroni & Cheese. She always chooses this when we go out to eat.

It came with fancy applesauce and steak fries:

Phil wanted chicken tenders (this is actually from the kids menu but they obliged):

Today's special was a meatball sub ($8.00). I couldn't finish it, but I did pop it in the oven for dinner! These steak fries are fabulous!

The ice was gorgeous!


Location:Mackinac Island


  1. looks like you had an enjoyable lunch!!!

    1. Thanks, I did! The great thing is it was enough for my dinner too!

  2. Mmmmmm....Village Inn. One of our favorites when we visit! Do they still have their deep fried green beans on the menu?

    And how cute was your little one running towards Daddy? My heart melts.

    1. I don't recall seeing fried green beans on the menu, but I'm not sure.
      I thought my little one running to daddy was cute too. Another mom passed at that moment, and said her face was lighting up and adorable :)

  3. My mouth is watering for that French Onion soup. We'll be visiting the island the end of April. Can't wait to try out the new menu items. I love Goulash and I have seen that they added that to the menu. My daughter saw your picture of the meatball sub and says that she knows what she is going to order now.
    Love the daddy/daughter pictures. How sweet. :o) And that last photo of the ice is indeed Beautiful! I hope that someday we will be able to visit the island in the winter to see all that winter beauty with our own eyes.

    1. The end of April should be a nice time to visit! A few shops will be open by then and it's pretty quiet still (with the exception of a few school groups).
      It was a nice meatball sub, but was a special so I'm not sure it's on the menu- it deserves to be! :) I hope you visit in winter someday- it is different, but lovely!

    2. We're coming for the geocaching weekend in April. We did that for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. With the mild winter that we are all having I hope we aren't sweating in April. :o)