Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January's End

Parent/Teacher Conferences are this week for preschool. We signed up for today, so Phil took us by snowmobile. I have an awfully cute daughter to share the sled with!

The sun behind a hazy sky:

Doud's Market:

Passing through downtown Mackinac with my little sled buddy:

A canine friend raced us to the school:

Lots of snowmobiles parked near the school:

The sun was cool!

Our snowmobile (we got some groceries at Doud's):

Arnold Line Dock- no longer in use this winter (unfortunately):

Looking up at Daddy (whom she refers to as "Pop-Pop", her variation on big sister's "Papa"):

Looking up on the ride:


I give myself almost an hour to walk to school to fetch my own little student (who is doing well, according to her teacher!) It's hard to know how difficult it's going to be to push the double stroller. We live over a mile from school- I walk over 5 miles a day getting my daughter to preschool. I appreciated the ride in this morning! I look forward to our snowmobile's steering getting fixed so I can turn it again!
The birds were out and active today. I really enjoyed their twittering:

We arrived at the school 20 minutes early. My two year old was napping, so I played Sudoku on my phone while I waited. It was not cold today- which was nice.

Winter Festival Flyers! This was so much fun last year- we will be making two cardboard sleds this year! (Decorate more than "make" really). My girls will be participating in this:

This girl will not be participating in this (looks fun though):

Icy straits:

Walking home:

Two very different modes of winter transportation on Mackinac Island- snowmobiling vs. cross country skiing:

Farewell, January!

Location:Mackinac Island

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