Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Evening Indoors

I took the girls to Marquette Park for a good part of the afternoon. We spent the evening indoors (this is the norm).
The girls colored for a bit. My youngest favored blues, reds, and purples today.

My preschooler decided to make a "Princess Coloring Book":

This is the cover featuring: Rapunzel, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Tiana. I love 4 year old art!

Later we pulled out pipe cleaners. See, Mom? A headband!

A balloon:

My husband joined in and made me a fabulous ring ;)


  1. Having 2 daughters as well, it brings back fond memories reading about your girls. I remember those cute little stick people they drew. My older daughter is 29 now and my other daughter will be 25 in April. ahhhhhhh

    1. It's crazy how quickly stick people happened. Last year she started preschool and everything was scribbles and colors and completing filling her paper,by the end of winter there were princesses and roller coasters and swimming. Your daughters are about the same ages as my sister and me(26 & 28):)Remember Cabbage Patch Kids to Pogs?