Friday, February 17, 2012

Princesses, Play-Doh, and Puppies

We are visiting good friends! They have three girls; we have two. There was lots of fun! (and heartbreak... Who are we kidding?) Princess costumes got a lot of use throughout the day- this is Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled.

Our friend handmade this Rapunzel wig- brilliant! She crochets and is on etsy (this wig is not there though- she says it was ridiculously time consuming). You can check out her other creations on etsy Here

It was a rainy day- what better activity than Play-Doh? Entertaining for ages one to five:

Look, Mom- cookies!

Princess dresses continue:

Our friends have two golden retrievers- 9 week old puppy, 7 year old puppy:

Cody is a big sweetheart:

Lucy is so soft!

Her hair is reddish gold. It was hard to get a good picture- she is wiggly!

She kept startling herself while playing with this tin- too cute!

Good night!

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