Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snowy & Wet at Marquette Park

Friday afternoon, I took the girls to Marquette Park. They were ready to play outside!

The slides were wet, but they certainly didn't mind!

(I took a ton of slide pictures because the girls wanted to!)

Some of the views near the playground area:

Then the girls did something they haven't done much- they headed for the statue of Father Marquette:

They loved it!

A little rest:

I don't think she's as excited for pictures at this point:

This cracked me up! (notice the little one hanging off the side)

Views from the center of Marquette Park:

Fort Mackinac:



Wrapping up at Marquette Park:(See how wet she is?)

Heading home!

They were soaked but happy!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Our family ADORES Mackinac Island. My hubby and I Honeymooned there! The pictures of your little ones having fun on the playground, just being kiddies, was so much like what our own children would do when they were little and we were on our up north adventure!

    I found you on Blogby Mom and had to say HI

    1. Hi! You are my first comment from Bloggy Moms- cool! What a romantic place to honeymoon! Do you ever return for anniversaries? Living here, there's still tons of things I hope to do! (Eat at The Woods and tandem bike, for example!)