Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Windy Day, Bouncy Flight

Windy days are hard to bike to school in! Carting the girls is not just heavier to pull- it acts as a sail. (They are a combined weight of 70lbs of precious if you were curious!) My little darlings destroyed the cover, and I especially miss it on windy days! Here are some photos from today's biking:

The Mission House is getting a much deserved re-siding!

Our snowmobile has been fixed! But there was only snow here and there on the island- not enough to snowmobile from here to there. I took the taxi carriage to the airport. Mission Point was farthest from the airport, so I got picked up first. George asks me questions this year, which makes me feel pretty special (he's not a big chatter). He was able to enlighten me on something I'd been wondering- since ferries stopped running, do the contractors stay on the island or fly back or forth? Turns out he brings eight or nine workers to the airport back to the airport Thursdays.

Waiting for people to join:

Our carriage passed the Grand Hotel:

I didn't notice the wind as much while riding the carriage.

Leaving the Mackinac Airport:

Wind was more noticeable... Can't capture in a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Up, up...

And away! Look at all those trees!

Some ice:

Beautiful! It wasn't very solid, so it rippled with the waves!

Definitely no ice bridge:

Crossing Lake Huron:

The wind was strong enough to make the flight bouncy. My body didn't want to stay in my seat at moments during the flight... wind seems to make gravity slack off a little. Not much to see here- there just isn't ice.

Approaching St. Ignace:

Some thin ice on the shoreline:

Descending! The world looks so different from above!


You can see the parking lot, hangar, and airport building in this shot. This is where most islanders park their cars in the winter.

As I was leaving (by car), the plane returned:

Not a very big plane- it seats six (and that's including the pilot!)

I drove west for jury duty. The clouds were lovely.

I made it to the hotel! (After indulging my shopping muscles at Target. I miss shopping, even though I don't buy much!)

I love the lights at night!


  1. I love reading your posts, you give us "Trolls" or "Fudgies" a great idea of what island life is like. Keep up the great work...Love, love, loving the posts and pictures. Mackinac Island is one of my very favorite places in Michigan, hoping to visit this summer.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! (I love hearing that people enjoy my photo blog!) I'm a troll too! I never visited the island until my husband got a job here. I love fudge- I really wish it was available year round on Mackinac Island! You can expect more pictures- I post at lest one photo a day here for 2012 (managed it so far!)

  2. I wish I could see your pictures :-( Makes me sad!!!

    1. Are the pictures not showing for you? Or would you like to see a Mackinac winter in person? :)