Friday, February 3, 2012

6 more Weeks of Winter?

Groundhog saw his shadow = Six more weeks of winter. Except it has hardly been winter! It's mild enough that my preschooler can push our hefty double stroller.

(Granted, her sister wasn't in it. But still... See how much road is visible?)

A frozen horseshoe print. Yesterday was warm and slushy, today it was colder- so everything was frozen.

There was a line of birds perched on the roof of St. Anne's:

Hi, Mom! (Creative use of our stroller's "sunroof?")

Progress on the Bicycle Inn:

A lot less ice:

Straits are clear! Would ferries ever start running again when they've quit?

Phil was sick today, so I made him toast for lunch. While I delivered it she decided to spread some butter- she was buttering the plate, so I gave her a piece of bread:

She was so cute:

She had pulled the chair to the counter herself:

Since Daddy was home sick, my little one stayed home to watch Beauty & the Beast while I walked to retrieve big sister. We walked. She posed.

This is "The Little Mermaid" pose that she insisted we get a picture of.

We stopped a lot. At this point I had a backpack full of groceries from Doud's and my own library card (can't believe I hadn't done that yet...)

A pretty bird:

I edited it to show off the silhouette:

Freighters passed a couple of times today- I tried to get a shot, but it was too dark, thus the grainy over-editing.

After dinner, we worked on our cardboard sleds. The girls are so excited!

Their art medium:

I don't know what this face is about...

She picked out special "muffins" when we were grocery shopping:


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