Friday, January 20, 2012

2011 Season Bucket List: What I did ...and didn't

I've made a season bucket list since summer of 2010. So, how did I fare in year two?
Kayak: I did try kayaking and loved it. I went with my husband in the Les Cheneaux Islands just before sunset. I did not do a Mackinac kayak tour. (Next summer?)

Dance at the Grand Hotel with my husband: This has been a fail two years in a row. My husband doesn't exactly want to, and heaven knows I drag him to many things he'd rather not. It'll probably happen in 2012, right?

Watch St. Ignace fireworks from Fort Holmes: St. Ignace does fireworks every Saturday night through the summer. My family goes off island every Saturday so we can attend our church in Cedarville on Sunday- so there's a glitch in my fireworks plans! I did finally go to Fort Holmes, though! So worth it! This picture is of my wonderful little family atop Fort Holmes and was taken by a visiting friend (Thanks Ann!)

Tandem bike: I can't believe I didn't manage this one again (another two season goal). But my sister did with her husband when they visited! It looks fun!

Hall of Mirrors: Check! (See coordinating blog post)
Maze of Mirrors

Castle Rock: My 2011 Season Bucket List included some experiences not on Mackinac Island. I did not climb the stairs of Castle Rock. Ironically, I did become its mayor on foursquare by timing a few checkins while driving right beneath.

Fort Mackinac: Went a couple of times with the girls! I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying visits to the fort.
Fort, Festival, and Fun

Fort Michilimackinac: I didn't make it, but definitely want to go this year!

Attend a Jamaican service at St. Anne's: I did, but not until the end of the season. I wish I'd have done this earlier- I'd have gone more than once! It was so special and encouraging! There are lots of summer employees from Jamaica, many of whom leave behind spouses, children, grandchildren. I attended one of the last meetings of the season when hearts long to return to home and loved ones. The passion for God is so apparent there (my background is more... introspective?) and the sense of community is strong. It was awesome to glorify our God together! (and we did so until midnight!)

Eat at Chianti: I did! Three times! It was scrumptious every time. (my blog post on my first dining experience at Chianti
Italian Dinner and a Rainbow

One of my favorite things I did that was not on my list was run the Great Turtle Race! (for pics on that adventure, there's this post

The Season and the Finish Line

So I have a few leftovers awaiting next season's list! (And a few months to think on ideas for the upcoming summer! I'm open to suggestions!)


  1. If you haven't yet, you should WALK all the way around the Island. You see SO much more than when you are on a bike.

    1. I have done that, and you are so right! We've walked around the island with our double stroller, armed with snacks and a free afternoon as a family!

  2. It's been great seeing your journey on the island. It was my first time visiting this past year and I can't wait to show it to our daughter this summer. What's your favorite activity to show visitors when they come on the island?

    1. I don't think I could pick one!
      1. Original Butterfly House- especially essential for small children but I take everyone who visits and it's always a treat!
      2. Fort Mackinac- lots to see and discover! Don't miss the rifle and cannon demonstrations (one's on the hour, one's on the half hour). And there's a wonderful building designed for kids to enjoy.
      3. Tower Museum at Mission Point Resort- an 8 story tower with 5 floors of exhibits. Each floor has a different theme- from Somewhere in Time to local Shipwrecks to the building of the Mackinac Bridge... I love it. The top has my favorite indoor view of the island!
      4. If you're on island for a night, I recommend a haunted history tour with Haunts of Mackinac. The history and stories are great (which is why I love being a tour guide)!
      5. Glow Golf is fun in the dark too!