Thursday, January 26, 2012

A "Haircut" (Minor tragedy corrected)

Yesterday, our 4-year-old daughter did something she has wanted to for a long time- she gave herself a "haircut". The kitchen scissors no longer live in the knife block (and I'm wondering if that should disappear too...).

Short in front, long in back- a mullet?

So, today, we caught the noon boat for a 1:00pm appointment in St. Ignace. There was not much ice- no sign of an ice bridge.

We only had about two minutes of mild rumbling through ice:

Rosemary's Hair Gallery:

Rosemary evening things out:

Gramma was with us- such a blessing!

Look, Mom! My hair!

Grateful these baby curls weren't involved in yesterday's minor hair tragedy:

Big sister's hair ball:

She helpfully put it in the garbage:

She's never had bangs before:

Adorable as always!

Vintage! From the 1970s and still work!

Rosemary let the girls each pick out a treat (I'm not used to her short hair!)

In memory of her now gone, long, curls:

The new look is cute though! She has such a sweet face (even with mischief in her eyes!)


  1. My youngest (now 5 years old) did that last year - gave herself bangs because she wanted to "look like Mommy". She also has baby curls, and I was really glad she only cut the bangs. I didn't realize how much her hair mattered to me until after she did that!
    God bless...

    1. I know I'm not alone! One of my friends' daughters cut her hair right to the scalp! It could have been worse for me and, frankly, I think a bob looks cute on my daughter. She prefers to wear headbands to ponytails anyhow!