Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow on New Years Day!

We got lots of snow today! We bundled up and played outside. My youngest has deemed snow "delicious" and is catching it in her mouth in the photo. My older daughter built a snow fort with her Auntie (whose birthday is New Year's!)
My blogging app still hasn't been fixed so I'm only able to do one picture from my phone. :( But I've resolved to post one photo a day so you'll be hearing more from me!
Happy New Year to all! Enjoy the snow! (Mackinac Islanders are thrilled to snowmobile finally!)


  1. What a great picture! I bet the whole island is excited now that the snow has finally arrived! Enjoy!!!

  2. Thank you! Two years old is a very energetic & fun age!
    Snow changes everything, since snowmobiles are so helpful. They came out as soon as there was snow!

  3. Fantastic photo! Good to hear from you again - wishing we were there to enjoy that white stuff!

  4. Thank you Brenda! I've been waiting since October for my blogging application to fix, and it's about time I posted again! Enjoy the safe roads without the white stuff! :)