Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Winter Walk

The steering column on our snowmobile is still too stiff for me to safely handle. So, today my husband brought our little preschooler to school by snowmobile.

And they're off!

Before I walked to fetch her at the end of the schoolday, I walked to Phil's office. It was painted recently and looks nicer! This is a view out a hall window near the offices. A few large cedar trees are missing because they were causing guests to miss the lake view. (Don't worry, most trees are still around!)

So happy to see Daddy!

We bundled up and used the double stroller. Pulling the sled yesterday was less than ideal. My toddler kept getting out. I can fasten her into our blue double stroller. I put on the soundtrack to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" to comfort my contained little two year old as we traveled.

At least it's a pretty walk!

Haan's 1830 Inn:

St. Anne's Catholic Church:

I love the steeple!

There are a couple of these in front for horses:

Looking up the side of St. Anne's (the stained glass windows are boarded up for winter, but the church has services year round):

Harbor View Inn:

The Inn on Mackinac (it may just have the happiest paint job on Mackinac!):

Looking up Cadotte Ave (one of my favorite shots of the walk!)

I set the girls free once we reached Mission Point Resort. They said they wanted to walk.

The executive putting greens (protected from snowmobiles by orange fencing):

Lovely Lake Huron:

The Bistro on the Greens (my favorite place to eat on the island!)

Poor little golfer looks cold!

The girls didn't walk; they played.

Sliding down a small hill:

I got bored and tried to get closeup pictures of things. I liked the winter berries on the trees:

Mission Point Resort:

The Gazebo (popular wedding site when it is not winter):

Robinson's Folly has snow:

Tranquility Point:

Smaller weddings can occur at Tranquility Point. I should tackle these stairs and nab some photos of the wonderful view!

The girls played happily outside a little longer once we got home:

I think she knows she's adorable...

In spring, this will have lilacs!

Were you ever involved with a Mackinac Island wedding? They don't exactly happen in winter, but they often get planned at this time!


  1. Just curious about your housing - where?, what?

    1. We live in an apartment at Mission Point Resort. My husband works here.

  2. I love seeing Mackinac Island in the winter. I'm so used to seeing during the hustle and bustle of the summer, it looks so quiet and peaceful now.

    1. It is! I love the absence of carriage tours in the winter. Don't get me wrong, I've gone a couple times and love it, but there are so many in the summer it's hard to bike downtown. There is the noise of snowmobiles in the winter- it's certainly different! :)

  3. How many year-round employees are there at Mission Point? and you said that after the ferry stops running, you have to fly off the island - what does something like that cost??? and do the ferrys give like season passes or any kind of deals for the regulars like you guys - I'm telling you, I have a million questions. Living year 'round there just seems so fascinating to me.

    1. Mission Point probably has around twenty year-round employees, more than half of which live on the island. As island residents, we get year round passes for the ferry- these were new last winter. We haven't had to fly yet this year, but it seems like round trip flights for two adults was about $96 last winter. Flying is much faster than a winter ferry ride. It's an adventure!

  4. I have question too! Do all of the horses stay over the winter, or do some go back to the mainland?

    1. Most winter on the mainland. A good number of horses go to Pickford. There are a few dray teams and a taxi carriage, plus a few privately owned horses that stay. Most vacation elsewhere though! :)