Tuesday, January 17, 2012

By Foot, Sled, Car, Ferry, and Carriage

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Phil had the day off, so we had a precious day together as a family. We went outside and played in the cold. The girls made "ice angels":

The ice is amazingly clear!

We had fun looking through the ice:

It was fascinating to study the bottom! It took me a while to figure out the mystery object on the left- can you figure it out?

Bubbles trapped:

This shot is caught between focusing under or above the ice:

So beautiful:

White ice and ice like glass:

Ice dancing:

She insisted I take a picture of this piece of ice so we wouldn't forget it:

We even fit in a little sledding!

Three cheers for a great daddy!


We headed to the girls' great grandparents for the afternoon. The preschoolers sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" for the school Christmas program and we get serenaded with it daily- I love it!

We left Grandpa & Grandma's with a time cushion, which turned out well since there was some freezing rain.

Our little nut (who's ironically allergic to peanuts)! Even though the sidewalk was slick she played red light, green light all the way to the ferry without incident.

The great Huron awaits:

Icicles on the railings:

Ice on the edge of the boat:

There's ice in the harbor, but certainly not enough to walk on and fortunately not enough to trouble the ferry schedule. It was just about this time in January last year that the ferries had to stop running due to the ice. We are likely to make it to February this year! (although I'm by no means an expert at ice prediction- I do overhear others' conversations on the subject)

For those of you who recall my birthday snowmobile ride, remember how we learned the hardware store closes by 4pm? This is important because islanders buy gas for their snowmobiles here. We tried again before we left on Saturday's noon boat, but alas the hardware store is not open on weekends. Well.... our snowmobile really needed gas. It started and then puttered out in a sad, gas-deprived manner. So the girls and I took our first taxi carriage ride of 2012. (Thankfully, George was waiting at the ferry dock in case anyone needed a taxi, we were past the time to call and reserve).

Side view:

Front View:

We all made it home- even the snowmobile! A kind soul at the Mustang helped Phil and shared some gas! It is a good community we live in :) (And we will be purchasing a gas can soon!)

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