Monday, January 9, 2012

Not much snow

Will there be much snow left on Mackinac Island after my week away? The answer: not much snow. On the ferry ride we passed a spot in the straits with ice chunks. A year ago there'd have been ice for the ferry to break through.

Not much ice:

Some snow! Those still using snowmobiles will take what's available.

You can tell where the sun doesn't shine as much!


I don't have the snowmobile out. I'm biking through the icy slush for now. I have to walk the bike half the time, but it's faster than walking to the school and back!

There aren't shots highlighting the iciest parts because, well, I'm working really hard not to fall during those points. Yak trax are a must; I wore through last year's pair of ice grippies, so I inducted a brand new pair today!

The view near the school is gorgeous. It's also really windy. I'm staying in better shape this winter (and it has nothing to do with a resolution!)

This is why I'm not currently snowmobiling. Many do, but I only have one season under my belt. Ours is a 97 Polaris- I'm afraid to be rough on it! There's not much snow.

A delayed/ accidental picture:

Here is an edited/enhanced version of a previous picture for fun (I play with photos to share on Instagram):

I hear we may get snow Thursday! Until then, I'll be getting a crazy bike workout in twice a day and wearing my beloved yak trax!

Location:Mackinac Island, MI

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