Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Girls!

Today was full of some of my favorite girls in the world! My daughters enjoy playing with toys at Grammy's. These figures were my sister's and mine once upon a time. It's kind of crazy to see your children play with your childhood toys. Turns out the bride figures are still the clear favorites!

Mom pulled out a bag of hair things that were my sister's and mine too. Woa! The girls love them and had to have multiple bows in. These are totally from my 90s childhood.

My favorite niece came for the afternoon! She is 9 months old and adorable. My girls adore her (although my toddler has no qualms snatching her toys, sigh.)

Look at the sweet baby hair!

And the cute baby face!

I tried to get a shot of us together, but I didn't catch her looking in the mirror.

I love baby cheeks.

And, of course, her smile!

My parents' tree is still up. They always get huge ones. This one is chubby and still lovely. (This is my only pic not involving a girl, although my sister-in-law did pick it out...)

My sister spent the day with me and my girls! She made us bagel pizzas and had Kaya help with dessert: pudding! Kaya loves to cook.

My first best friend and my firstborn cooking together:

Banana pudding!

My proud little cook "giving you a cheese" aka posing kindly for me.

My girls! I love them tons!

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