Monday, January 23, 2012

Safe Harbors and Splendid Heavens

Harbor in St. Ignace, last four shots compliments of my husband Phil:

View from inside during the trip:

We had a busy two year old today.

A very focused preschooler:

And, still, a busy two year old... (the boat wasn't empty, everyone's sitting on the other side)

These next shots are Phil's (thank you for sharing!)

Harbor on Mackinac Island:

Downtown with the bustle of all who've returned on the ferry (only 2 trips on Sundays now):

Grumpy over having to wear her helmet:

The taxi leaving the Arnold Dock:

I'm in the sled towed behind our snowmobile, a view close to the ground to say the least:

Holding on to Daddy (while Mommy holds grumpy helmet. A wiggly, screaming child puts a damper on my ride- I wish there were car seats for snowmobiles!):

Winter shopping options:

Passing the harbor:

Exploring the snow-covered lawn at sunset:

Snowmobile tracks:

(I laid on the ground for this shot!)


Fresh footprints:

The Tower Museum and setting sun:

See the tiny dot of a bird?

I ventured onto a little ice- it wasn't strong- but fortunately, shallow.

Ice and waves on the shoreline:

No roller skating past this sign!

View from a Mission Point deck:

The peak above the Presidential Suite of Mission Point Resort:

Gorgeous skies!


  1. I envy you so so so so much! I know that everyone says that, but I do truly envy you. It has been a dream of mine to live on Mackinac since I was in elementary school and everyone thinks I'm crazy haha. As soon as I finish my degree I want to try everything I can to end up there. Thank you so much for your blog!

    1. I believe you! Only about 500 people in the world do the year-round-living on Mackinac and I am blessed to be experiencing my second winter! I know this probably won't be our home forever and am trying to savor it! Good luck with the pursuit of your degree (and your Mackinac dream!)

  2. Love seeing the island in the winter. I've wanted to live there since the first time I saw the island(summer 1963). Even applied for the libraian job about 20 years back. Thank you for bringing the island in the winter to whose of us who stop by. I take you live somewhere on the mission end. We always stay at Small Point.

    1. Thank you! It's encouraging to know this blog is being enjoyed! We indeed live on the Mission end of the island- our apartment is literally part of Mission Point Resort! I've heard good things of Small Point, I love its architecture- and I love this end of the island!