Friday, January 27, 2012

Calvin Worship Symposium

We are in Grand Rapids for the Calvin Worship Symposium. (My mom is watching the girls- thank you, thank you, thank you!) It's my first time attending, but Phil has gone with our church for quite a few years. We started today in the Chapel:

Banners in the chapel- it was a great service:

A stained glass window:

We had three breakout sessions (I didn't take pictures) and I enjoyed all the topics- sharing scripture through theatre (my degree is in theatre), Psalms for children, and art as prayer. I love this sort of thing- it's inspiring! We get to attend tomorrow too.

Location:Grand Rapids


  1. Ah, welcome to GR! Between Friday and Saturday, you'll no doubt be experiencing the "weather whiplash" we frequently have.

    1. Ah, yes! I grew up in West Michigan and am familiar! (Whitehall, specifically)