Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tonight, I was invited to BINGO at the Community Hall. Definitely wore my ice grippies- school was cancelled today due to slick streets and sick kids. It is dark and snowy 6:20 pm in this photo.

I've never played the real deal before. There was money involved- it's for the Lions Club, so a great cause! We started and ended the night with this style board:

Nifty light up BINGO board:

There were 15 games done with paper sheets and we used these to mark them- awesome! (green is a favorite color of mine!)

Turns out there's more to BINGO than getting 5 in a row...

The last game is a coverall- if someone gets their whole board within 51 numbers called, they win $500; when that fails, the consolation prize is $100.

I didn't get BINGO once, but it was so nice to be social! I think I'll try the cooking class next week!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. my parents play every week...i even go in the summer when i work up there