Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Season and the Finish Line

Here is an old post that's been held hostage in my blogging app on my phone since it glitched in October: The weekend before Halloween is the last hurrah of Mackinac Island's tourist season. (It's technically open year-round, but most hotels & businesses close for winter.) That Saturday began with a wonderful sunrise! Mission Point has the refreshment tables set and awaiting the Great Turtle Race!

Lots of bananas for runners after the race! (Literally thousands of bananas!)

Yours truly was runner #1950 in the 5.7 Mile Run! I hadn't raced since high school, in 2002- so 9 years dormant.

The starting line was in front of the Straits Lodge (where I lived for over a year).

Not exactly encouraging, but I thought it was funny! (However, I did choose to pass this shirt.)

Over half way done! I didn't take many pics during the race because I was, well, racing.

I took this accidentally after taking the photo above- I like it better!

I finished the race! My original goal was under 75 minutes since I expected to walk a bit- I hadn't trained much. My final time was 58:14!!! Everybody received a lovely medal.

My name! It's toward the bottom and for some reason my town is blank. It would be fun to see "Mackinac Island" there.

Another big event on the final weekend is trick or treating downtown. By the time we walked the girls there, our mini Minnie Mouse fell asleep.

Big sister preps for her first trick or treat of the year. We started at Ryba's Fudge.

Too cute!

She asked permission to look at herself in the lobby of the Iriquois.

Doud's had a Detroit Lion pass out treats!

Twin chicks receive candy from Professor Harry's Old Time photos.

The Island House looked spookily awesome!

This Mackinac mommy wore a Mickey Mouse hat. Don't sleeping children look sweet?

To end the day, I did a Haunted History Tour for Haunts of Mackinac. Here is a coworker's great firebird costume she made herself:

And Todd Clements himself, author of "Haunts of Mackinac" went all out too! (Wonderful book and tours!)

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