Friday, January 20, 2012

From Blue Skies to Blizzardish

There is a big difference in the pictures from this morning's trip to school to this afternoon's return trip. Beautiful blue skies this morning!

The Mission Church was built in the late 1820s:

A barge passes:

I love this fence!

Blacksmith Benjamin was skilled!

Looking up on Market Street!

There's some ice forming in the harbor. Arnold Line Ferry is still running. Yesterday was Shepler's last ferry run of the season. I don't believe anybody was running ferries this date last January.

Anne Cottage is on the left and is named after the main character in a novel by Constance Fenimore Wilson (look her up sometime, she was pretty amazing!)

The Island House (oldest hotel on the island):

St. Anne's Catholic Church (the steeple leans ever so slightly uphill):

And then the weather shifted... I love the light over the Main Lodge of Mission Point in this one!

It was a windy and snowy return to the school.

I found myself wishing my favorite winter hat had a visor- turns out that fashion trend is completely practical! Can you tell my hat is green under all that snow?

There was a hint of blue on one side of the sky.

You can hardly see the lighthouses due to the snow:

Lots of snowmobiles! I look forward to ours getting fixed so I can use it!

Interesting sun/snow combination today!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. So pretty! Are those icicles on your face? Brr!

    I started reading Wilson's novel while we were on the Island this summer, after stumbling across Anne's Tablet. (How did I never know about this after 35 years of visiting?!) Got barely past the part where she leaves the island. Probably should pick it up again, but I have a feeling I know what happens, and it's just too heartbreaking. I think I'd rather stop and believe that she and her fella live happily ever after. :-)

    1. Thank you! It was a gorgeous day! ...though my face was quite cold, I don't recall having to remove icicles, so I'm guessing the white streaks are blowing snow.
      I haven't read her novel that takes place on Mackinac island yet, but I enjoyed reading excerpts of her work while I was looking her up before visiting Anne's Tablet (it is not very well marked, I went three summers without seeing it.) I should add reading "Anne" to next season's bucket list!