Friday, January 13, 2012

Awaiting Snow

Today we used the double stroller for school transportation because of a flat tire on the burley. It had a flat tire last month too, likely a result of construction. Besides the Bicycle Inn being built on the old McNally Cottage site, there's also a house going up on our end of town. The girls enjoy observing the daily progress. Today, Kaya announced they should paint next!

Work was being done on the Michigan Governor's Residence today too. The picture is dark, but you can see a huge crane above its roof:

The Christmas tree is still up downtown:

On the way home from school, Kaya found a small patch of snow to make a snowangel in. She's the dot of pink in the middle:

We were awaiting snow all day. Skies were gray and it always looked promising. Finally, when I checked after nine tonight it was snowing!

There should be gorgeous pictures tomorrow! (And I've already heard the sound of a passing snowmobile!) We'll be heading off island to see Disney's Beauty & the Beast in 3D for my birthday! I've been excited to do that as soon as I heard it was being released on January 13th!

Location:Mackinac Island,United States


  1. Finally got dumped on last night here in Grand Rapids, so hopefully you've gotten the snow you wanted. Just discovered your blog yesterday and have enjoyed reading the WHOLE thing. We've both grown up in MI and frequently vacation on Mackinac. Have always wondered what it was like to live there year 'round, so it's fun to read your adventures. Funny, too, to see how many similar photos we have, like the kids at the fort and the same sunset in your July 17 post.

    1. We got the snow too! I'm flattered to know you read my entire blog :) - I'm glad you enjoy it! Thank you so much!