Monday, January 16, 2012

Ice like Glass

We spent the weekend in Cedarville, which has been winterized in a lovely way! We come off island most weekends, stay at Phil's parents, and attend church in his hometown of Cedarville. (There are great churches on Mackinac Island too- we didn't switch when we moved.)

We drive to church. Yes, we own a car! Most people who live on the island do. We just don't have a garage- instead we have a ferry line's parking lot. And when the ferries are unable to run any longer due to ice, we fly off and our vehicles live at the airport's parking lot.

Sunrise on Sunday morning:

Our church :)

The ice is like glass! Phil's parents live in the Les Cheneaux Islands of Lake Huron. The ice is so clear it's a little unnerving to walk on!

A closeup shot of a crack in the ice:

I received on iPhone 4s for my birthday! The camera is better and it even has a flash! (All my blog pictures come from my phone, it's so convenient!) So the quality of my photos is better now! This is the effect using aforementioned flash made on ice. Ironically, the ice didn't look like this at all.

That's not open water- it is ice so smooth it reflects beautifully!

Brrrrrrr! (and beautiful!)

We go from one gorgeous place to another- God spoils us!



  1. Beautiful pics. Didn't realize it had been cold enough...long have ice thick enough to walk on yet. I don't think I could walk on it though..."unnerving" is a gross understatement in my mind...Ha Ha !!!

  2. There is not ice like this at Mackinac, but it froze quickly in the Les Cheneaux Islands. It is over 2 inches thick where we explored, but wouldn't cross to the next island for sure!