Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When Skies are Grey

So how do things change when skies are grey? Bikes still passed by on their quest to either arch rock or conquer the circumference of the island.
The pool was deserted earlier this afternoon (it got a new deck for this season). When I passed it a few hours later there were people in the pool- burr! Here it awaits the brave.

The lilacs have passed their peak, but are still fragrant and flowering.

So the first day of summer didn't exactly look the part. Grey days have a beauty of their own.

"Mommy! Take a picture of me jumping over the puddle!" She has some great ideas.

Kaya literally stops to smell the flowers. It is sweet, but if you live at a hotel there are lots of stops.

More flowers awaiting their turn to be planted and admired. I love getting to see this sort of thing.

A glimpse of a beautiful bride! The island is a popular wedding spot and every time I pass one I can't help smiling! (I got a new photo app and playing with it).

I startled a couple of bunnies and got a quick picture of one. Those ears are attuned to yours truly.

A little photo effect :)

The weather did not seem to deter people from haunted tours. There were good sized groups last night. It was an awesome setting for ghost stories- got to love lightning!

The flowers were still their bright and happy selves regardless of the damp weather. Here are some of the flowers in front of the Lakeside Marketplace (good pizza & ice cream!)

Location:Mackinac Island

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