Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wheelmen & Mackinac Island

On Friday we passed a bumblebee diligently at work. He's coming in for a landing!

The apples of my eye :)

The girls got to experience an antique Governess Tricycle!

When the rider tires of peddling, the handle drops forward and it can be pulled. Brilliant!

I spotted a lot of antique bicycles. To join the Wheelmen, your bicycle must be from 1918 or earlier. There were about 250 Wheelmen on the island!


Wheelmen wore period attire for the demonstration. I learned that bicycle clubs after World War I had a military look to them. Dashing!

Wheelmen and their fantastic wheels!

One of the oldest styles of bicycles displayed:

The girls enjoyed it!

A young member!

The demonstration was great!

A teaser question for tomorrow's blog: How do you feel about bats?

Location:Mackinac Island

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