Friday, June 24, 2011

Wheelmen, Webs, and the Whoa to the Why

The whoa to the why of Wednesday's power outage:
A rock.

This rock is a boulder; there is a crushed refrigerator next to it proving it is big.

This is the hole in the ceiling it left. (It also took out a power line on its way down the bluff.)

That is why there was a little power outage! Whoa!

Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Wheelmen 2011 Annual Meet on Mackinac Island! These bike enthusiasts have bicycles from 1918 or earlier. It is special to see so many antique bicycles! Yesterday was the 25 & 100 mile rides. Three times around the island for 25 miles and to hit 100 miles they circumnavigated the island a dozen times!

Wheelwomen too!

Spiderwebs and other lovely things

Spider on browning lilacs

My lovely little girls!

Kaya poses...

Jade wants a turn...

Jade poses...

And off they go!

Walking in mommy's shoes

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Those are lovely photos. It just so happens that my husband is the one in the neon shirt and the Camelback Hydrator on his back. He went up for the annual meet and I stayed behind with our 6,4,and 2 year old (also pregnant with our 4th) and my step sister actually saw your photos on the Mackinaw FB fan page and noticed Jim right away. He did finish the "century ride" in under 9 hours (does not sound fun in any shape or form to me, especially in that weather!) Anyway, despite the rainy weather, your photos were beautiful and it was really fun to see him since this has felt like it has been a LONG time away from us :-) Thank you! ~Beth

  2. Awesome! That is a great pace (no wonder I didn't get a picture of his face!). I am glad you enjoyed the photos- how fun that you & your sister were able recognize your husband. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! :) Take care and thank you for commenting!