Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Again, Off Again

To celebrate Father's Day properly, we headed off Mackinac Island to the Les Cheneaux Islands where Phil's parent's live. One lovely place to another! Yup, we are blessed.

We left behind lilacs to enjoy "Gramma Lori's" lupines. Kaya went right into the garden to enjoy them up close.

She helped Nonno (Italian for Grandpa) wash his car- Happy Father's Day!

Where family gathers, good times are to be had!

Kaya honing her bike skills, especially important for Mackinac life!

Heading home!

The evening sky over the island

Kaya insisted that I take a picture of the flags at the end of the Arnold Line dock.

There is my beloved Schwinn still standing! (It is a pain if it falls over.) I made the mistake of parking in the middle of a bike rack once. It filled up by the time I returned, and another Mackinac Mommy helped me remove it; she gave me the sage advice of parking towards the end of the dock with a burley.

It's Father Marquette on Father's Day! Did you know there is not one likeness of Father Marquette from his time? Actually, the sculptor fashioned this statue after himself. At least he was a handsome artist!

This morning, the girls and I were on the ferry again for an appointment. Glad the grey day waited until after the Lilac Festival!

The clouds towards the south were amazing this afternoon.

Home again! (Jade seems to be exhibiting a pattern of sleeping behind the bike.)

Location:Les Cheneaux Islands & Mackinac Island

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