Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Baseball Bat Mania

Vintage Baseball 2011

The starting line-up: I believe there were four vintage baseball teams that participated.


The man with the big hat and big voice. He kept things going smoothly!

Each player got the chance to introduce himself. There is definitely charm to an introduction that includes the tipping of a hat!

The game took place between the Grand Hotel and the school.

Spectators dressed spectacularly!

Cracker Jacks were available at concessions. Perfect!

I am tempted to buy a historical dress for myself!

See the ball?

Participants graciously posing!

This player went for the serious ball player face!

Bat Mania!
Wait... Bat Mania isn't about baseball bats.

He has the right kind of bat!

Stop 1 was at Mission Point Resort and featured bats of Michigan.

Stop 2 was at the Island House. They had various fruit bats from Africa.

There were activities that my preschooler enjoyed.

My toddler preferred the anchor.

Stop 3 was the Island Book Store and vampire bats!

Stop 4 at Windemere had the biggest bats. Both were unable to fly due to injuries and have been in captivity a while.
This is Camilla, she is 18 years old.

This is Angus, a 15 year old bat. I am glad Michigan's bats are smaller.

Thanks to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation for making Bat Mania possible! I have become a big fan of these creatures since moving to the island; they take care of the mosquitos! You can help Michigan's bats by contributing at
We are a little bat crazy! (Notice the bat pins!)

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. I am enjoying your blog & it's been nice getting to know you via Twitter! How did you like your first winter on the island? Do you plan to live there permanently? Do you both work on the island? Forgive my nosiness, LOL! I am always curious each time I meet a new permanent island resident, & since it is our dream to one day have a residence, I'm full of questions! LOL!

  2. I enjoying our Twitter talk too! The best part of my first winter was getting to know the community! The worst was learning to drive a snowmobile. I ended up on a sidewalk my first right hand turn. I don't get nauseous approaching the machine anymore and don't drive so slow We plan on living on the island for at least a few more years. My husband is Manager of Human Resources. I am Mommy by day and a Tour Guide for Haunts of Mackinac's Haunted History Tours a few nights a week. Fun! :)

  3. I'm loving your blog! It reminds me of all of our trips up to Mackinac... what a special place to get to live :) Your kids are so sweet too!

  4. Thanks, Laura, your children are also beautiful! I am likewise enjoying your blog, your photography work is stunning!