Monday, December 24, 2012

To Cedarville, To Family & Christmas

We opened gifts Saturday morning, so we didn't have to haul everything off island and back. It was so nice- we'll definitely do that again!
Princess Aurora is a beloved edition to the family:

The sky was awesome as we arrived to the Les Cheneaux Islands where my in-laws live:

Auntie came home all the way from Kentucky! This is the special moment of reuniting with my oldest:

Auntie does cool stuff like washing the girls hair:

My youngest helped Gramma set the table:

Family brought fun presents!

Auntie made frosting, so we could decorate lots of gingerbread cookies:

And in the morning, the girls helped cook!

Learning to make bacon:

Helping make molasses cookies:

My cuties!

My husband headed back to Mackinac Island to get some work done on Christmas Eve. He got some nice pictures for me!

And here is the whole family! What a treat to be together!

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