Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Claus Visited Mackinac Island!

Santa Claus visited Mackinac Island a couple of weeks ago! Though this is our family's third winter, it's the first time we've made it to this event! (It's always held on Sunday, and we attend our church on the mainland).

The VFW spoiled us! There were giant hotdogs, punch, chips... And sundaes!

Miss May brought her ukulele and sang Christmas songs with kids:

That's my kindergartener in the middle- she loves her music teacher!

Santa arrives by fire engine. It was so exciting!

Here he comes!

Saint Nick!

My preschooler initially didn't want to join us and see Santa... Look at that happy face for his arrival!

She ended up first in line to see Santa... I almost missed getting her picture! She loves Santa! (And I love that he wears tie dye under his coat!)

Each child received a stocking of goodies:

Big sister was very patient!

Christmas is special in a small community!

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