Saturday, December 22, 2012


Thursday, Dec. 20: Winter Storm Draco!

The morning brought rain:

My raincoat was wet from my morning trip to school, so the next trip it completely soaked through. Thus my coat underneath got wet too:

The third trip to school involved snow and slush. There wasn't much snow on our end of the island, so I didn't snowmobile.

The wind was at my back. Biking to school in slush was pretty easy! (And my hubby was worried!)

Biking back home was rough! I got plastered with frozen precipitation (which stings!) When my husband texted "how goes?" I replied with this:

We got home safely! I'm glad our burley has a cover!

Thursday night was the school's winter concert. It continued to snow and we were excited to finally use our snowmobile. To our dismay, someone had taken the headlight bulb from our snowmobile. So we walked.


So pretty with snow!

The downtown Christmas tree was dancing in the wind:

My wheels stopped turning, so we unhooked the burley and abandoned my bike to be fetched on the way home. Eventually, my husband threw my Schwinn over his shoulder. My hero!

Our eyeballs hurt from the blowing ice prickles by the time we got home:

Friday was beautiful!

She loves snowmobile rides!

Mackinac Island Post Office:

American Fur Co:

Groceries arrive at Doud's:

Marquette Park:

Inn on Mackinac:

Haan's 1830 Inn:

Mission Church:

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