Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing in the Snow at Grandma's

We enjoyed great outside time with Gramma & Auntie! The girls did sledding with Nonno earlier (Nonno = Italian for grandpa).

The water levels have dropped significantly. See the sand bar? It has always been underwater.

The girls got new hats for Christmas:

The water levels are crazy!



Not skating, but skidding!

We invented a new winter sport, instead of curling we tried "girling". The girls laid on rheir backs and we'd slide them across the ice. So silly! I wish I could post a video, but I haven't figured it out.

Lake Huron:

Special time with Auntie! She's moved to Kentucky and is sorely missed!

Daddy is silly:

My youngest wouldn't keep her mittens on, so didn't last as long:

Cedarville is beautiful!

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