Saturday, December 29, 2012

Night at the Museum

My husband and I went to the Night at Your Museum event at the Grand Rapids Museum last night. Turns out it's more of a family event than a date, but we enjoyed it!

I was excited to see the first car to cross the Mackinac Bridge, and it was the first thing!

Stunning whale!

The event is quite magical - there are live costumed characters roaming the museum! (Like the movie "Night at the Museum"!)

A knight:

Betsy Ross!

It also included a nice dinner buffet:

I love hats!

A horse drawn fire engine:

There was a historic section of Grand Rapids- this store had lots of amazing things to see!

Coolest scissors ever!

My husband joked about these "iPhone" cases (they're actually card cases!)

Bissell's carpet cleaners:

Lots of St. Nicholas sightings!

Detail on an antique cash register:



Lights of Grand Rapids:

Whale skull:

Live knight fighting:


I love these lyrics! I like to think I have spunk enough to live in Michigan:

Old Dutch Bible:

Furniture industry masterpieces!

Interesting image likening training in furniture industry in Grand Rapids to the wise men following the star of Bethlehem:

Furniture salesman travel case with miniature pieces:


Lots of cool costumes!

There was a fun display dedicated to beer:

This is one of my favorite shots of the night!

Beer bottles:

Vintage Star Wars!

Inner workings of a huge clock:

It's a plane!

Lots of nature to see:

I love old Shwinns!

Italian inspired crucifix with "modern" electric lights:


I always wanted wooden shoes as a little girl!


They concluded the night with dancing to the song "Night at the Museum" ended with:

So pretty!

It was a fun night!

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